Unleash the power of psychographic profiling, semantic analysis and machine learning today

Symanto’s Brand Health measurement tool will accurately and meaningfully monitor and analyse the real social listening conversations consumers have with your brand  by measuring brand recommendation & connection & their key emotional and functional drivers across channels. 

How it Works?

Discover how consumers feel about your brand and what you can do to stimulate their emotional connection.

Measure Real Conversations

Pin points and analyses the real social conversations prompted by both your marketing activities & your competitors’.

Codify Brand Health

Uses Psychology, Natural Language Processing & AI to process Big Data accurately & meaningfully beyond traditional volume metrics.

Identify Key Drivers

Reveals what the emotional & rational drivers are for your brand and how they impact brand health ie brand connection and recommendation over time.

Which brand health measures we use

The tangible basic elements of the consumer experience that influence consumers’ quality perception of the brand

How consumers describe their emotional experience with the brand (beyond sentiment)

Conversations with the strongest intensity of positive emotion about the brand

The perceived influence a social post may have on others

What is the right solution for you?

Depending on your current activity on social media we offer 3 clear packages
If you want to know how accurate your current solution is and have a snapshot of how healthy your brand is vs the competitive set.

Reveals the true accuracy of
your current social media analytics
using your current data
If you have a successful social strategy and activation already but want to drive your activities to deliver a greater impact on their brand.

• Includes 1 year of historic data within your dashboard
• Immediately understand past performance drivers and start to track & adapt new activities for optimal engagement
If you want to rethink the way you approach your social engagement for the future and reset a social strategy behind driving real engagement and brand health.

• Delivers a 2-year historic analysis of your brand, built into your dashboard
• 2 deep dive strategic reports/ year & consultant support to understand & integrate all metrics
• Everything you need to transform your strategy behind driving brand health & ROI

Your Direct Benefits will be:

  • Learn how to increase real conversations, brand recommendations & connections for stronger consumer engagement
  • Decide where to prioritise your spending by channel for maximum impact on brand health
  • Build confidence in your social spend within the organisation & make it a C-level conversation
  • Provide an effective evaluation of your activities with your organisation or agencies
  • Ultimately drive ROI from Social Media spend

Tackling Daily Struggles of...


Make social listening an executive level conversation through story-telling insights of how you are engaging consumers and with metrics that enhance strategic actions.

Social Marketers

Going beyond sentiment analysis and volume metrics, be able to discover audience emotional dynamics and conversation drivers to transform your social strategy & performance.

Insights Analysts

Supercharge your insights with vast unbiased consumer conversations. Observe historical trends, monitor real-time change, benchmark your brand and product performance against competitors and identify opportunities.

Real Conversations

We accurately identify and analyse only the conversations that are authored by a real person and contain positive, neutral or negative sentiment.

Brand Connection

Our insights reveal how consumers are engaging with the brand now from the level of love to the level of active recommendation so that brands can adapt their activities to drive stronger emotional engagement going forward.

Functional & Emotional Brand Equities

We are analysing online dialogues around products & services to understand consumers’ perception regarding brand/product functions and emotions within the category and provide a market landscape of functional & emotional strengths and weaknesses by brand (including trending areas and how to deliver against them).

Tracking and Scorecard

We report your brand-specific data in a scorecard that enables you to drill down to the deepest and meaningful insights. Transform going forward how you measure and act on your social media activities. 

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